Friday, October 10, 2014

Ten Marks

Students will begin using Ten Marks Math in class. Ten Marks Math reinforces classroom instruction and builds deeper conceptual fluency. The thing that I like most about Ten Marks is that the students will be able to practice math skills at their own pace! Students will also be able to use Ten Marks Math at home when they need extra practice with what is being taught in class. I think you will like the fact that you, as parents, can stay on top of what your child is doing via your own account!  Please child your child's Green Folder for a letter assigning your child his/her username and password and directions for signing up for your account! Students also have four assignments they can work on over the weekend!  

Here is what the students will experience while using
Ten Marks Math

1.  The Right Way to Practice
The questions cover the core concepts in a variety of ways, and ensure that students apply a range of problem solving skills.
2.  Embedded Instruction
Every question has 3 hints, which scaffold conceptual foundation. Video lessons reinforce core instruction.
3.  A Second Chance
Students get one chance to correct their mistakes. Research shows they use hints and video lessons to do so.
4.  Real-time Intervention
“Amplifier” diagnoses root cause and provides targeted instruction. Research shows timely and targeted intervention improves outcomes.
5.  Engaged Learners
Improvement in performance builds confidence. Certificates and games help with student motivation.

If you have any questions, please let me know!