Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Using Elaborative Details

In writing, the students have been learning how to stop and describe a critical story character, object, or setting using elaborative details in a narrative. Today, we brainstormed a list of elaborative details that describe autumn, then students wrote a segment describing an autumn setting.  Here are several examples of the students' writing:

     When I walk outside I can't help but to notice that autumn is here.  The crisp, cool air whips through my hair making me shiver.  The colorful red, orange, and yellow leaves are blowing around making a pile of assorted leaves.  The smell of fresh apple pie coming from chimneys is so strong I can taste it.  Off in the distance, I can hear kids playfully laughing and shouting.  The happiness around me helped determing that autumn is my favorite season.
~ Simran

     Oh, this is my favorite time of year, I thought to myself as I entered the outdoors.  I could just see all of the extraordinary colors of fall.  From the leaves to pumkins on the porches, everything looked perfect along with the scenery.  I could smell the pumpkin pie and the turkey that my family would eat tonight.  The feel of the crisp autumn breeze rushed over me as if I were a wave.  I could hear the children playing down the street as the crunchy leaves gave in under my feet.  I just love this feeling. I hope it never ends.
~ Michaela

     I walked out of my house this morning and looked out into the park.  I sipped the hot chocolate that was in my hands and the chocolately sensation melted in my mouth.  I saw the kids playing and heard the blue birds calling.  The smell from the wood fired wafted into my nose.  The decorative orange ripe pumpkins on the green grass added to the fall spirit.  As I ran out into the park I could hear the crackling leaves crunching under my feet.
~ Sonne

Please encourage your child to practice writing elaborative segments at home.  For example, they could write a segment describing their bedroom or their favorite toy. Tomorrow, the students will write an elaborative segment about a scarecrow!