Thursday, October 30, 2014

Using Movenote in the Classroom

Today I introduced the students to Movenote.  Movenote is a web tool and mobile application that allows users to add webcam narration to uploaded slides or pictures.  Movenote makes it easy to upload PowerPoint presentations, Google presentations, PDFs, or pictures from your computer. We  will be using Movenote in a variety of ways in the classroom.  Since we are studying Westward Expansion, the students were given the task of creating a presentation that demonstrates all they have learned about traveling west.  Then, they had to share their learning though Movenote. Let's see what some of the students have learned so far!
Simran Tippabhatla

Terry Watson

Michaela Lanier

Didn't the students do a great job with their first Movenote presentation? Using Movenote is going to be just another way to show off student learning, keep you informed of what's going on in the classroom, and share classroom presentations for students to use at home!