Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chromebooks and Responsible Use Procedures

This week students will be issued their Chromebooks! I am super excited about this as I have lots of things planned which require the use of Chromebooks. In order for your child to be issued his/her Chromebook, you will need to sign the Responsible Use Procedures. This will need to be done through the district's Infosnap system.

Richland School District Two sent out an email to parents of all returning students about the new Infosnap system in early August. This system updates and collects the information about each student enrolled in schools and this process replaces the paper forms sent home at the beginning of each school year. 

The Infosnap system is now the only way to sign the Responsible Use Procedures or RUPOnly students with an electronically signed/accepted RUP on file will be able to be issued a Chromebook as part of the 1TWO1 computing program. New students that were enrolled this school year using the Infosnap system have the RUP completed as part of their registration.

If you have checked for an email from the district and don’t find one, you will need to bring a picture ID to campus to receive your missing snap code from the front office staff. If you have not done this, please do so as soon as possible! We will have Chromebook training Wednesday, September 3rd.

5th Grade Parent Orientation

If you were unable to attend our 5th Grade Parent Orientation, the presentation is below for you to view.  If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Students with Personal Devices

If a student has a personal device that they would like to use at school for educational purposes, complete and return the attached form. The form is important to have completed so that teachers and the school are not responsible for any damage to the device. This would include book readers like Kindles and Nooks. The forms will also be available in the front office or from Mrs. Black, our Technology Learning Coach. 

Remind 101

This year I will be using Remind as a way to communicate with you all.  Remind is a safe way for me to connect and stay in touch with you all through the use of text messaging.  I will use this to send out reminders about upcoming test dates, school events, and other important things that are happening in our class.  If you would like to sign up, please scan the QR Code or visit the link below.

A safe way foRr teawww.remind.com/join/vscrivennect with students and stay in toucmindh with parents.

A Message from Ms. Scriven

Happy LONG weekend!  The kids are going to need it after our first full week of school!  We have jumped right into our math and sciene instruction!  This week students drew pictures of their idea of a scientist and were introduced to the scientific method.  Students also learned how to write testable questions using an independent and dependent variable.  In math, students recognized that in a multi-digit number, a digit in one place represents 10 times as much as it represents in the place to its right and 1/10 of what it represents in the place to its left.  If your child is having a difficult time with this, please encourage him/her to draw a place value chart to help with this skill.  They may also go to the follow website:  learnzillion.com. Enter the code LZ3000 in any search field and watch a video lesson.  

Just a few reminders...

1.  If your child did not bring in his/her 5 tab dividers this week, please be sure to pick them up this weekend.  These are needed in order to help keep your child's GATOR binder organized.

2.  Don't forget to check your child's Green Communication Folder for important school information.

3.  Check the sidebar for upcoming quizzes!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me! Enjoy your long weekend!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Military Kids Connect

LCE appreciates our military families!  The School Counselor, Mrs. Skinner, will be running a monthly support group for children of active duty military parents.  Students will meet for 20-30 minutes once a month with other military children in their grade to participate in activities and discussions focused on common military kid issues such as frequent moves and parent deployments.  Please contact Mrs. Skinner at jskinner@richland2.org for more information or to sign your child up to participate in the group.  Thank you, military families, for your service!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

What a Great First Week!

I can truly say that we have had an absolutely fantastic first week of school. We have been mastering our procedures, organizing supplies, getting to know one another, and learning all about The 7 Habits of Happy Kids. We have also spent a lot of time building our classroom community.  Students have created a list of ideas which demonstrate what our classroom should look and sound like.  This week students will take that information and create a Class Constitution. I am very excited about our Class Constitution and can't wait to see what the students come up with!   Just a few reminders -

1.  Please be sure to sign and return any papers that were sent home in your child's green communication folder.

2.  Check the sidebar of the blog for each week's Curriculum Connections, Important Dates, and Class Schedule.

I am looking forward to our first full week of school!

Parent Orientation

Parent Orientation will be August 26th.  This is the time you will learn all about your child's new class and what to expect in 5th grade. Please take a few minutes to provide me with a little bit of information in order to help me prepare for each session.  Don't forget to hit "submit" once you have filled out all of the informaiton. See you all Tuesday!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Welcome Parents!

Parents, welcome to my 5th grade class!  I am very excited to work with you and your child this year!  This is going to be a very exciting school year as I have many fun and engaging activities planned for your child. I am also making a few changes to my form of parent communication!  Since we are now living in a world where social media is popular, I will be using various forms of it to keep you in the boat!  First, being this blog.  Scriven's Scoop blog will serve as our newsletter.  Here you will find all the information you need in order to help your child be successful in my class!  I will share more of what we will be using during our Parent Orientation.  Once again welcome, and I am looking forward to an awesome school year!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Signing Up for Edmodo

Signing up for Edmodo is easy as pie!  Use this video to help you sign up for Edmodo so that you are able to complete your very first homework assignment!  I can't wait to learn all about you!