Monday, October 27, 2014

A Message for Mrs. Rowell - Science Lab Teacher

Dear Parents,

In science lab, fourth and fifth grade students are conducting scientific investigations using variables.  This work is done collaboratively but each student is graded individually.

Learning to control and manipulate variables in a scientific investigation is essential for all grades in both middle and high school science classes.  At LCEU we want to make sure our students have an excellent understanding of variables.

I want to let you know that these investigations are graded by me but will be placed in your child's homeroom teacher's gradebook.  This is heavily weighted due to the extensive amount of time that is spent on the work.

The initial grades are on the papers in fifth grade and will now be placed on fourth grade papers.  Please ask your child first how he/she is doing on the project prior to contacting me.  I am trying to make the students responsible for their learning.

Anytime a student needs extra time or help, early morning school is from 7:40-8:00 each day except Friday (recycling day).  

Thank you so much for your support.